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President Obama’s announcement of the Precision Medicine initiative January 2015

President Obama’s announcement of the Precision Medicine initiative January 2015

Personalize My Medicine is a start up that launched last November which focuses on the facilitation and application of medical innovation. Personalize My Medicine is applicable to disease in general however the start up is particularly relevant for orphan diseases (rare and neglected diseases).

Personalize My Medicine was created to address the growing need for a platform for medical innovation that places people and patients at the center. Our aim is to integrate disciplines and to research, inform, and facilitate advancements in healthcare for anyone who wants to be more proactive about their own health. The recent explosion in the number of medical innovations being developed and announced, means that even researchers and doctors are finding it difficult to keep up with advances, let alone apply them to their work. We are actively working to develop systems and tools to help you to apply this knowledge as we believe that awareness alone is not enough. 

  • Researching Conditions
  • Set up of Research Networks
  • Crowdfunding for Medical Innovation
  • Promoting Medical Innovation for Rare Diseases


Researching Conditions

Nowadays, faced with a worrying medical condition, most of us go straight to the internet and Google to do some research. Although there is a great deal of information available, it is often quite a challenge to find the most useful, relevant, and reliable sources of information. In recent times, a few patients have begun to undertake significant research themselves and their efforts have been truly inspiring. While recent advances in technology have made this possible, such research is an enormous undertaking for most people, particularly when they are also patients or are looking after a family member with a serious medical condition, and especially if they do not have a scientific or medical background. The emotional burden, combined with the time and resources required to research, analyze, and make progress with a condition, are substantial. Personalize My Medicine takes a scientific and professional approach to help you to both identify and apply information in consultation with your healthcare provider. In addition to this, following consultation with you, we identify the latest medical innovations and services relevant to your condition, whether they be drugs, diagnostics, devices, wearables, apps, or other.

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